Tips To Generate Income, Without Leaving Home

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many consequences, not only in terms of health. Also the economy of the people was seriously affected: many were left without jobs and therefore without a source of income; There are hundreds of businesses that have closed their doors and the crisis that most countries are going through is worrying.

If this is your case and you ran out of income to pay for your basic needs such as house, food, electricity, water, among others. We give you a series of options that you can consider before resorting to going into debt with a loan or using credit cards as if it were ‘extra’ money, which later would only complicate your financial situation.

How can you make money?

There are several options to generate money, times of crisis always invite us to discover or develop new skills that perhaps we did not exploit to the fullest.

A good option is online sales of services or products, if you do not know how to start, we give you some tips to facilitate the process.

Think about what you can sell

What product you are going to offer, if you are good at preparing meals or desserts it is time to develop those skills to the maximum, you can also sell clothes in good condition that you no longer use, it is a matter of checking your wardrobe to that you find something that is surely worth it.

Giving classes online, offering plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting services, online consultations, everything is valid, if you have extensive knowledge of any of these topics you can surely take advantage of it to earn some money and be able to pay your personal expenses.

The second point that you have to take into account is where you will offer your services or products, social networks have become an excellent way to do so, we recommend creating a profile or page to promote your services since that will give you more support and credibility.

On Facebook you can find many options for your services or products to have more reach, for example, you can make publications in specialized groups or Market Place, currently this social network has different options that can be of great help to generate income.

There are also pages specialized in online sales, which can be of great help to advertise your products, although the procedure is a bit more complicated, the endorsement and well-positioned name of these pages can be of great help to attract buyers.

Image counts

Whichever medium you choose to advertise, the most important thing that will help you attract customers is to make clear publications, if you can add photographs of what you offer to make the product or service more attractive…

Some Crucial Smart Ways To Shop Online

More than having a bank card, shopping online also requires knowing how to find the best deals and knowing how to save money on those purchases. How?

According to the Money section of the US News portal, he has offered some tips to make online purchases a simpler but also cheaper process.

Collective shopping sites and that offer you rewards. These are places where a group purchasing system works, that is, several buyers come together to make a larger purchase.

An example of these are the discount coupon sites that, thanks to the high quantities they request, can be given cheaper prices.

But the idea is that your purchase also becomes money. For example, take advantage of the offers that can be launched by social networks in which they advertise purchases and, later, they give you a percentage that you can use of that purchase to make a new one.

Sites designed to improve the online experience. Remember that the image can give you a wrong perception, for example, in terms of textures or materials.

So, think about websites where you can make refunds more easily.

Before you buy, look for more deals. Comparing is the key. Many times you can find the same product, on other pages, but with a large price difference. Another strategy is to search online for coupon or discount codes.

Keep a copy of the terms of use – You may sometimes consider that paperwork “junk”, but it’s always good to keep not only warranties, but company information and even confirmation emails, in case something weird happens.

Check the surcharges before you buy, especially if it is foreign pages. Find out well about the exchange rate, how it applies.

Learn about the return processes: The idea is to be satisfied with your purchase, but if not, you always have the option to return it. Before clicking on “pay”, check what the procedures are, if there are extra shipping charges -for example- or the return time.

Of course, make sure that before buying, you think of an alternative plan to leave your merchandise, if you need it.…